Bamboo Bikes Made in Lewes, Delaware, USA

19th Century Craftsmanship meets 21st Century Technology

Bamboo/Hardwood Road and Gravel Bicycles


Lewes, Delaware, USA


About Euilly 5...

Euilly 5 (Yule-Lee Five) bikes are designed and handcrafted in Lewes, Delaware by Mike Schultz and company. The 2023 models have evolved far beyond any previous models, lighter, stiffer and more eye catching than anything we have presented in the past. This year, we focused on lightweight road bikes and sturdy gravel bikes. The designs for each are inherently different; a gravel bike should be more than just a road bike with wider tires. Let's get to the chase; the road bike frames are weighing in at 4.5 to 4.9 pounds (2 to 2.2 kg) while improving the stiffness crucial for fast getaways and steep climbs. The gravel bikes aka Clydesdale or Cargo models are heavier at 6.5 pounds (< 3 kg). Euilly 5 offers road bikes for your fast group rides and gravel bikes for off road, touring and bike packing.

The 2023 models are on the road now. Contact me in the space below if you are interested in a test drive. Not only do they look different, the ride will surprise you as well. Carbon fiber derived from petrochemicals and any metal do not produce the most comfortable ride. Bamboo is the only bike frame material with a negative carbon footprint.


Crafting process

Every Euilly5 bike is built individually to the customer's specification. We frequently field questions at bicycle events. Please refer to this FAQ sheet for additional information.

Hardwood faces and details are sourced from Ocooch Hardwoods of Viola, Wisconsin. A family owned business in the heart of the USA.



Hollow tube construction, internal cable guides, modular dropouts, bottle cage attachments on all models. Domestic hardwoods include ash, beech, cherry, oak, maple and walnut. Tropical hardwoods are sometimes used minimally for accent. Bamboo is the principle material used on all these bikes. I am pleased to announce that we will soon be sourcing this material from Bamboo Revolution. Yes at last, the USA is producing bamboo in Oregon state. Please read the material available on their web site to appreciate why this is important.



Frames are made for disc or rim brakes. All frames have modular dropouts that are easily changed to allow quick release or thru axles. Due to the small scale of this operation and the fact that all frames are hand built, We currently offer only one size of frame which compares with the standard 58cm conventional frame. This size is quite comfortable for cyclists of 5' 10” to 6' 2” (177cm – 187cm). Due to the unique geometry of these bikes, it is quite easy to accommodate cyclists of many body types simply by altering components. Other sizes may be available in the future depending on popular demand.


Your Bike

SRAM, Shimano, Campagnolo, the choice is yours. Each manufacturer of group sets offers many levels to fit your budget and your ride style. All other components can be selected from a wide range of manufacturers, although Euilly 5 encourages each cyclists to consider some of the fine bicycle components made domestically in the USA. For those who are familiar with bicycle components, they may choose the parts themselves provided the parts comply with the frame compatibility specs. Please see the Spec sheet for further information concerning frame compatibility. As a bonus, with a Euilly 5, you will be noticed. Break away from the crowd and ride a Euilly 5. It's the only bike that doesn't need a fancy logo to stand out.


Some previous builds from 2019-2022