Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the bicycle weigh?

Typically, the frames weigh less than 5 pounds (about 2 kgs.) This compares favorably with the lightest steel frames. In the future, I may build some that are extremely light weight for racing purposes. The lightest frames from the recent 2023 production line are less than 4.5 pounds.

Can I touch it?

Sounds strange but I get this one a lot. The bikes look like a work of art that should be displayed in a gallery but they are built to ride while looking like art.

Where did you get the idea for this bike?

Bamboo bikes are not uncommon in SE Asia where I have spent some time. In Thailand and Vietnam especially there are several makers of bamboo bikes. The form of the bike was inspired by Renovo of Portland, Oregon. Each year I develop new designs which take these ideas a step further, always with the intent of creating a truly unique, durable and beautiful bicycle.

Is it real wood?

Many people assume that the bicycles are merely painted to look like wood. Generally, each bike is about 80 % bamboo and 20 % hardwood. Aluminum sleeves in the head tube, seat tube and bottom bracket are used to interface with mechanical components. The dropouts are machined locally, also using aluminum.

Why do you build bicycles from wood?

Mainly because that is what I love to do. I also believe that bamboo and wood can be used to create a superior bicycle that will last for generations. When the millions of mass produced bikes are being sold at garage sales, Euilly 5 bikes will be selling at art auctions. So, please think in terms of your legacy; is it disposable or do you want it to live on. Martin guitars and Stradivarius violins will never lose value, nor will a superior wooden framed bicycle.

How long will they last?

Wood and bamboo have evolved to weather storms. Unlike metal which weakens from stress, natural fibers bend without weakening. Yes, carbon fiber will last a million years. Like all plastics derived from petrochemicals, there will always be much of this material in landfills, on beaches and along roadways.

Do you worry about rain?

As with any bicycles, it's best to keep them out of the rain. They should be stored in a dry location. If they do get wet accidentally, just wipe the frames down and let them dry. The finish is marine grade and UV resistant.

Do you worry about damaging it?

Unlike a painted surface, wood is easily restored to its original condition. The bikes I use for my own enjoyment look better each year. A Euilly 5 can be refinished to look like new. I typically use a different frame each year on all my personal use bikes. The one year frames look new after a quick cleaning and touch up with no wear visible on any of the parts.

How about termites?

I suppose that this question is a lame attempt to be comical. Please don't try to do stand up.